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WHAT IS RADON? This is one of the biggest questions asked during a Home Inspection. Radon is a gas byproduct from underground decay of radioactive elements, mainly thorium & uranium. When these elements deteriorate, radon gas is released into the soil & eventually works its way to the ground surface & eventually becomes airborne.

Good news, not only is it not a high risk in most areas but radon gas becomes diluted in the outside air & therefore doesn’t pose a health risk. However, it can become concentrated within the home.



Does this mean I need a radon inspection? Let us answer a question with a question.  What if you don't need to spend money on a radon inspection?  ES Inspections provides a complimentary radon screening. This will help determine if a more comprehensive evaluation is required.

Our radon sensors collect  air samples during the inspection and will give a reading < ±10% within an hour of activation.  Many radon inspections can take up to 2-3 days & can cost anywhere between $145 and $800, averaging around $425.  You'll know by the end of the inspection whether a radon inspection is recommended.

Let us provide value to your inspection.

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