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Eric Suky/Home Inspector/ES Inspection, NY-Coming Soon


One of the toughest positions to be in when selling your home is not just making the house look presentable for listing. More importantly, fixing all of those pesky things that you just put off for 'later'; that water stain on the ceiling, the busted garbage disposal, the stuck window in the bedroom with the missing screen as well as other signs of neglect.   

The only problem is knowing which problem is worse & where to begin.  Lets face it, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck by improving your resale value.


A pre-listing inspection will you guide you from A - Z toward where you should invest your resources to best aid you in not only a speedy sale, but more so a profitable one.  This in turn will give your home a 'test drive' before making the commitment of listing it on the market.

With 36 years of experience as a Home Improvement Specialist, we can bring  your attention to the items that may seem inconspicuous to you & the best ways to remediate them if needed.

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